How Garden Art Came to Be

How Garden Art Came to Be

My name is Jenn and I've been a graphic designer for over 25 years. I come from family of green thumbs who love gardening, and they have some amazing skills! However, I never felt I had the patience or the talent for it. Recently though, as I've gotten older, I find playing in my garden to be very therapeutic. I'm a novice gardener. Right now I mostly plant wildflowers, but I am slowly learning to plant more intricate flowers like Dahlia's, wisteria, and other colorful treats for the pollinators. When I see bee's, butterflies and hummingbirds in my backyard it makes me so happy!

Sadly, in the winter months due to the cold weather, my backyard becomes pretty lack luster. Most flowers have gone to sleep for the winter and the nights are cold and dark. So I've been pondering on how I can bring some color back into the garden from December-March. This is where the idea for garden art came alive. 

I work at a print shop, so I'm a little spoiled. Thank you Omega Print!

I can play and test out my ideas and see them come to life. My first thought was creating artwork to attach to my three gates. I love how they came out. They did exactly what I had hoped for, livened up my garden space and brought color back into my yard!

Then I started sharing the images on one of my gardening sites on facebook @addictedtogardening (a great place to share photos of your flowers, your funny memes of how you spent too much on plants, and a community where like minded individuals share ideas). In two days I had over 2000 likes and requests for where people could purchase the art!!!! I had no idea so many people would love to put art like this up in their gardens too.

Within a week I had sat down at my computer and created over 15 more designs, and now I'm at 26 with plans to continue as the inspiration comes! 

These are all waterproof and outdoor friendly, however, I'm printing most of mine on 6mil coroplast as they are the most cost effective. Aluminum will last much longer, but the price is over 2+x the cost. 3mil is thinner, and I'd only recommend it outside if it's in a sheltered or shady spot like in a patio area. As I get purchases, I will ask people to show where they are displaying theirs and post here online. The ink is a uv ink. 

I feel like these would make great gifts for friends, family members, if you're a realtor and want to give someone a gift when you help them buy a house, etc. As far as the price point, it was VERY important that I keep the price at what I call a "fun price." I was told by a few of my mentors that I was pricing them way too low, but I was raised by a single mom and the majority of my clothes growing up came from a thrift shop. I unfortunately also became a single mom and for 8 years had to work two jobs to make ends meet, so I appreciate a good deal and think that others will as well!

The only place the cost might be prohibitive is in shipping. Boxes and shipping have become very expensive these days, so that will need to factor in to your decision of purchasing from me if you need them shipped. I'm trying to come up with a package deal (buy four get free shipping), but I can't offer it for every order!

Thank you for your patience as this small dream becoming a business comes to life! And if you like supporting small businesses, share my page with others so they can enjoy the art too! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

By purchasing Garden Art, you are supporting MULTIPLE small businesses! Mine, the print shop I work at, the small businesses we purchase materials from, and the list goes on! It's a win win! 


p.s. I'm also passionate about giving back to my community, so be sure to read my post on where I'm donating 10% of all proceeds to in the next blog! 

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