Favors For Neighbors - Supporting Our Community

Favors For Neighbors - Supporting Our Community

Favors for Neighbors

I met Michael through my neighborhood. We live in a Senior Community and he came to us to share his desire to help seniors with chores they are unable to do themselves. Michael has an amazing story himself. Some who have been through what he has would have called it good and sat back and relaxed for the rest of his life, but not him. His story didn't stop there. He wanted to use his life to make a difference in the lives of others, in-particularly,  those that cannot pay him back.

I was intrigued. I wanted to find out more about his non-profit, so I volunteered to work with his group on a Saturday. We spent hours cutting down overgrown bushes that made it hard for the seniors living in their house to get around the property, and they were also in jeopardy of getting fined by their HOA due to the weeds and out of control foliage around their home. So Michael put out a call for anyone who could help. It was such an amazing afternoon. I met a woman currently serving as a Navy Seal, a mother and son team, Michael's wife, and some other seniors from the neighborhood who just wanted to lend a helping hand! It was seriously so nice to see everyone working together for good - without expecting anything in return from the ones we were helping. I knew that day that I wanted to find a way to help Michael and his non-profit, I just had no idea how, until now.

Garden Art has committed to donating 10% of all proceeds to
Favors for Neighbors.

They are all volunteers, and often need to rent equipment to do the jobs they need to do. So this will help them pay for those items. They are a Certified 501C3 Non-Profit.

Here is a little more information about his dream and how he's using it to help senior's in the surrounding cities and how you can personally help out if you are able! But know that by purchasing Garden Art from this site, you will be giving them 10% of your proceeds! Thank you!

Making Each Day Easier for Our Senior Community

Favors for Neighbors is a nonprofit organization based in Murrieta, California. Our goal is to provide assistance to the senior citizens in our community as a way to ease their daily activities.

How We Began

Our founder, Michael, always felt he had a calling to help those in need. His inspiration came from his grandmother, Marverine. As she got older, fewer people were around to give her a hand.

Marverine knew that Michael would always be there. However, she felt like it would be bothering to ask for help all the time, so in the end, she wouldn’t ask. After her passing, Michael always felt the need to help those in the same situation as his grandma.

What We Do

From simple handyman type work to helping protect senior citizens against scams and anything in between, we are dedicated to care for the senior’s in need. We strive to help in every situation we can. Or point you in the right direction if we aren't a correct fit. 

Play Your Part

Find out more about what we do and see how you can take part in our initiatives.


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